Sunday, November 23, 2014

What I meant

What I was trying to say was I started an uncanon blog for these stories here over on Wordpress, sort of like a never ending story type thing, for fun. What my crappy- no, shitty Galaxy Discover wouldn't let me write. Once I lose the writing block, and make some physical cliff notes in a notebook, since I don't carry my writing hard drive, it'll pick up. The other Stories of Velocity

Friday, September 19, 2014

Possibly never ending srory...

S,  habe started a roject on wordress, and all of that reasoming is explained there as to why it's there. I am writing aa mass story on belocitt with many of my chaeacters. They aren't totallycannon to what is here, so I get to have a little freedom with them. Check it our. If this post looks stupid, it's because I am on my gorible piece of shiy Halaxy Discver. I wl fix it at my next real interner and keyboard disposal.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Introducing Stockholm

I've decided to just upload what I have of what's written, to keep the place from being dead other than the updates and things. So I introduce the newest, hopefully to be published story about a young womans life after being abducted. That's pretty much all I can tell you for now.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

City Tours

Something hopefully very awesome has started, and you really don't need to worry about it. Bwahahaha! I've decided to start a manga, this is hard work and is going to take a long time to do. I' not making a web comic, something I hope to publish. Once I get each volume done, then I'll serch for a way to publish it. Kinda ass backwards, but I won't need to worry too much on deadlines. I'm going to need to step up my drawing skills. Now, I don't have any sort of digital drawing prohram, so everythinh will be done with pencil and pen, from there I'll worry about how to row through the gears to make it publish worthy.

I already have the plot in mind, amd one of the main characters. What would be awesom is a rihht to left format like a traditional Japanese manga! I habe a lot of work ahead of me, Don't expect to see anything soon, except some spoofs, shorts, or noncanononical strips.

Monday, April 7, 2014

New Things

Here at Velocity, we're always trying new things and experimenting to make a better city. I've told you how a lot of what I write is experimental, thusly there will be things that you will read that are possibly much shorter than even flash fiction. What they are is best described as scenes and practice works done that either stand alone or could find themselves in a story. They could be a number of things themselves, bios for non-existent characters, action scenes, sex scenes, monologs. If you peruse the Laviathans Cave, you might see other writings there and aside from Zerophilia, there won't be anything related to this city, including the character bios written there that at the moment of being written and even now, have no purpose. My intentions was that there was to be a story or script based on the stupidly cancelled Fox show Drive and Bull Run for show or video game or whatever.

I feel it's good practice to do these sort of things. They don't take  much effort and can be real inspiring for another story.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mobile users

For those who haven't figured it out, the storiies are on their own pages. touch the banner that reads Visiter Center, the pages will appear in a pop up menu.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Story Synopsis

Rayne Falls is about a group of friends in college, mainly the "leader" Rayne Fallez and his senior year life. Everything seems to be perfect for the autojock or at least normal by his standards. Girls throw themselves at his feet, the guys want to roll with his crew, share a blunt in the circle. They, he are revered by the school staff. The nerds and lesser's fear them. The whole group are great at what they do, the top of the class in their respective studies. Rayne of course is top tier on the race track, high level mechanic along a few others of the group. Peachy-keen, right? It's the last school year with graduation right around the corner and they all made names of themselves since the end of sophomore year. Comparable to Mystery Inc., TJ's group of Recess or any of them. Ah but like a hairpin turn, it can get ugly and did. Raynes most important secret mysteriously revealed, friendships strained, lives are threatened, cars lives are threatened. Be sure to read this high-octane full chapter demo.

Zerophilia was written after I saw the movie of the same name, I didn't really like the premise of changing only during climax or orgasm. So I wrote a loosely based story with my own twist. Loosely based as in the character has the same ability. This is the first story I've actually attempted to write- was inspired too write. Enter Jax(Is not me, only my screen name as I've wanted to use it in a story) a middle school kid who discovers this inherit ability. Taking his life in a u-turn. Experiencing new...pretty much everything. All he wants to do is live his Once things seem to settle or start to get on track, something just has to pull the e-brake. He appears not to be alone in this and  the goverment has some things inset to allow these people a somewhat regular life, not that it seems to stop his from being not so hectic.

The Gifted takes what would appear to most as another X-Men type storyline, at least that's what sometimes pops in my head despite never really reading or researching like that. I know the basis that it is about racism. Honestly, I've only seen whatever cartoon series and the movies. So I don't know much of that Marvel faction and don't really see too much similarities aside from the people who are like Ramona and have been born with magical abilities. Taking place in an alternate Lazzoverse, there are people with a magical strand in their DNA that gives them the ability to use one or three types of magic. There are animals, plants, and certain elements that also have these properties. For years the world governments, or at least the USA as the story is focused have been working to nulify these people before they are severely outnumbered. Thus causing a rapid apocalyptic life to fall on the country. All magic is strictly enforced with collaring and magic works as spell books and infused technology is banned. All Ramona wants to do is live what little life she has to live. She has enough problems with nightmares and everything else related to the past she doesn't want to remember. With reluctance, she has been tossed in the fray of it all. Battle for supremacy, fight for equality, time will tell.

Facsimile tells a tale of a female to male transgender with a redo on his life. Transferred to Velocity after what can only be said as complete bullshit went down in his hometown. Star of his schools cycling team, the kid is as obsessed with bikes as Rayne with cars. Somebody was bumped down from their pedestal, sadly. They are out to get Danni, picking on the little guy. All he wants to do is live his life and race his bikes, and do that till high school. No, someone just had to bring the strife, not to mention somebody desperately wants to be his boyfriend. Could Danni's fears of yesterday be coming back or is he just paranoid?

Becca's Story is all about how how she needs her comeuppance. Everything was going fine, she was doing her. She just happened to piss off the wrong person at the right time. Could there be beauty in the terror, possibly, it is more than skin deep.

Femme Fatale is the woman you don't want to anger much less steal her boyfriend. So what if it's punishment from Cassi's old boss. The point is you don't do that to a person who is very skilled in what you paid her to do. Although retired, her skills aren't that rusty. As a brand new women, she has a few new tricks up her sleeve. A rendition of the old mob and mafia stories, I hope this turns to be a good read for those who like that sort of thing. Trying to keep it classic, yet more restmod.

Get Yours, something written to take a break between the other stories. Mr. hotshot thinks he can do as he pleases with these women.'s their turn now. A certain trans women takes it to heart, to speak for all women out there, to do what the ciswomen can't and give it to Bud in the end.

Sixteen is a story that might push a button or two. It is almost a prequel to Becca's Story. No, she's not in it. I recycled the two characters in that story, Sora's boyfriend is Becca's and there is a reference to this story. It's told from to Janitors POV, he's a Chomo. So if you want to get the reference and the implied closure in that story, read this one. I'm sure worse has been written, so poo on the angry comments.